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Gator-RC uses a variety of shipment carriers. If you choose a flat rate shipping option, we reserve the right to choose the carrier. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate requests for preferred shippers. Once the order has shipped, we must allow the carrier a reasonable time frame to deliver. Gator-RC and/or carrier reserve the right to request a signature for proof of delivery. We cannot demand a shipment carrier to leave a package.

It is Gator-RC’s goal to protect our customers and keep fraud to a minimum. For some orders, we implement a business practice that prohibits the customer from making a change to the entered 'Ship to' address. If you need to change the delivery address for a current shipment en route, please contact our Customer Service staff.

Please note any additional charges incurred from this request are the responsibility of the buyer.

Once the package is successfully delivered, we are not responsible for theft or damage to the merchandise. Please note that we are not reliable for any packages that have been left at a doorstep and have been lost/stolen. 

When using a forwarding company, we are not responsible for lost or damaged merchandise after the forwarding company has accepted delivery. The forwarding company must report shipping damage for a claim to be filed.

We are not responsible for delays in express delivery orders due to weather conditions and/or attempted deliveries.

Export documentation will not be provided. Know who you are receiving a package for or forwarding a package to.  If you accept a package that was purchased with a fraudulent credit card, you will be in possession of stolen merchandise. You may be responsible for any legal or collection action related to the shipment.

Shipping charges are non-refundable.